Unfortunately, we do not have access to the range, stocks and prices. Our formula is based, among other things, on an ever-changing and surprising range. We therefore advise you to visit a branch near you. Our employees are happy to help you.

As we have a rapidly changing range of more than 20.000 products, our customer service is unfortunately unable to see if a product is in stock at one of BAZARO’s stores. That’s why we ask you to come to the store to see if the desired product, or an alternative, is available.

Although we prepare our weekly promotions with great care, products may sell out faster than expected. If the product is still in stock at the distribution center, the stock will be replenished in the store. Tip: Try another BAZARO store. We certainly hope that you still manage to find the product.

In our store locator  you will find the opening hours of the BAZARO store near you.

How great to hear that you want to come and work with us! We use an online application system for our job openings and responses to them. As a result, we are unable to process applications by email. We advise you to apply through our website.

Do you want to work in a store? It is also possible to go directly to one of our stores and apply for a store clerk or fulfillment team job there.

No, it is not possible to contact one of our stores by phone (not even through our customer service). We recommend you to visit the store.

We are in the process of opening new stores. We cannot tell you if a new BAZARO store will open near you soon. In our store locator you will find BAZARO stores near you.